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Tycoon Dream

Limited Presenting, Supporting and On-ground Sponsorship Packages are available now. We offer holistic campaign solutions, across multiple platforms, providing unprecendented reach to your brand's target audience.
We tailor Sponsorship Packages and investment levels based on the marketing objectives of each brand. Whether it be brand awareness, engagement, consideration, conversion or retention, we have an array of platforms to reach your audience. TV, print, radio, immersive activations, event signage, giveaways/competitions, immense social and digital executions and hospitality packages are offered.
This is your chance to resonate with your existing audience, or create new ones across the globe. Our aim is to have more viewers of this series than that of the China Olympics.
We are entertaining both cash and in-kind sponsorship placements.
Get in touch to have a discussion today. Contact Jay Brady on 0468 365 501 or by email at

Tycoon Dream is a new reality series with a real difference.  Through a series of challenges, contestants will compete for an ultimate prize - a $250m resort in the Yarra Valley (Vic).

It's a fascinating look at big dreams, and at what lengths people from all walks of life take to make sure they realise them - and how differently each country (13 in all) supports their "dreaming" citizens.

In the end, the value to all suggests not just personal ability and achieving dreams, but also a rang of lessons in life.  The reward for the viewer who has been lured all the way by a well constructed reality game show is not just the simple gratification of seeing another challenge based reality program winner.  Rather, the conclusion is something that we can all recognise: a world, and everyone within it at war and fighting for supremacy.  In the end one person will be chosen for reality viewing's ultimate prize - the ownership of a brand new world class resort, and every chance they could ever hope for being rich, famous, and world renowned for being a tycoon.

Make contact with Jay Brady today on 0468 365 501 or by email


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