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Aussie T-Ball Naming Rights

Baseball Australia seeks a major partner to aide in the growth of its grassroots development program Aussie T-Ball. The program is at the ground
floor but with strategic development aims to be the fastest growing junior sports program that will rival Aus Kick (AFL), Hot Shots (Tennis), and Net
Set Go (Netball).

Aussie T-ball Naming Rights

  • Integrated name and logo of Aussie T-ball
  • Branding on all Aussie T-Ball components such as hitting tees, balls, bases and participant t-shirts.
  • Ability to brand all future Aussie T-Ball packs and pack items
  • Ability to include items in existing Aussie T-Ball packs
  • Intellectual property rights of Aussie T-ball logo and imagery
  • Direct access to all Aussie T-Ball participants and parents via live event representation
  • Digital marketing package promoting Aussie T-Ball partnership via social media, websites, EDM’s
  • Junior event activation partner of the Australian Baseball League 



For more information please contact:

Alex Pellerano

p: +61 430 099 432




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